Yeah I don’t even know.  I thought recreating the swing would be funny 
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Kenny: “This is your first kiss, isn’t it?”
Craig:”S-shut up, McCormick!”

Did I do good? Please tell me I did good. I need opinions. TTnTT
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I couldn’t stop thinking about Crenny dolls last night but I never figured out why.


Hey guys! So I recently hit 200 followers, and I think that’s super fucking rad, so I’m going to do a little giveaway!
What I/we are giving away is request based, being an illustration from the beautiful rainbowkazzie with related fanfiction by me.
You can find more examples of their art here or here and you can find examples of my writing here
Here comes the rules:
You must be following this blog to enter (why would you want to win anyways if you don’t like crenny?)
Related rule: obviously, the winner’s request must be crenny related; we won’t be offering any other requests
NSFW is ok
One like and one reblog count as an entry
If you are following either of us (again, here and here), you get +1 entry
Winner will be contacted via ask box on May 31st, so make sure yours is open (I know that’s kind of far away but we will be busy with convention things)
You will have 48 hours to respond or else a new winner will be selected
Thank you again for following, and good luck!!!
PS, they do commissions and some work would be immensely appreciated! They’re super amazing and sweet and talented and wonderful and every single job helps, so please check it out!!
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